Samantha received a Master’s degree in Health Science from Towson University where she studied healthcare administration and school health. She worked in the school system for nine years prior to starting her healthcare career in military medicine.

Samantha is a Certified Health Education Specialist and Certified Health Coach. For the last five years she has worked at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center providing education and outreach to service members and employees. Samantha started at Walter Reed working in a clinical setting where she helped service members set and achieve health goals related to smoking cessation, weight loss, sleep hygiene, and mental health. She also assisted the clinic in creating processes that would enable smoother transitions for service members throughout the different stages of their military career. After working in a clinic for four years, Samantha then transitioned to work under the Quality department at Walter Reed where she trained and educated employees on topics such as stress and burnout, conflict resolution, effective communication, and emotional intelligence.

Samantha is experienced in providing psycho-education to joint-base hospital staff including all branches of military service members, government civilians, contractors and volunteers. She strongly believes in the value of continuing education and enjoys training and educating others on building positive relationships and maintaining a work-life balance.

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