Jean-Ann Wurtz is a patient safety professional with extensive experience in clinical quality improvement education. She is interested in understanding the impact organizational safety culture and organizational behavior have on patient safety outcomes and patient and staff engagement. Additionally, Ms Wurtz is interested in understanding how to improve system processes for the early identification of system defects to reduce risk to patients and staff.

Prior to joining Safe and Reliable Healthcare, Ms Wurtz was the Clinical Quality Improvement Education Coordinator for the Institute for Healthcare Delivery Research at Intermountain Healthcare. In this role, she had the responsibility for coordinating the curriculum, logistics, and QI projects for the Advanced Training Program (ATP) and miniAdvanced Training Program (miniATP) under the leadership of Brent James, MD, MStat.

Ms. Wurtz received her Master of Science in Patient Safety Leadership (MPSL) from the University of Illinois at Chicago and received her BA in Communication from DePaul University.

Jean-Ann Wurtz has been a guest on 2 episodes.